What is a Sleeve Gastrectomy ?

A sleeve gastrectomy is a procedure wherein the entire left side of the stomach is removed. The new stomach which the person is left with is in the shape of a banana and roughly the same size as well. It is one of the simpler procedures, especially in comparison to gastric bypass; this has mostly to do with the fact that no intestines need to be rerouted and connected. A sleeve gastrectomy is different from a sleeve gastrectomy in the sense that it does not require an artificial device in the abdominal area.

Patients who should consider this procedure include:

  1. Anyone who is afraid of the long-term results of an intestinal bypass, including problems such as protein deficiency, anemia, ulcers, and intestinal obstruction.
  2. Those who do not want a foreign object inside their abdomen such as with a Lap Band procedure which is also fairly popular but comes with a number of risks.
  3. Those who cannot opt for traditional weight loss surgery due to the fact that they have a serious medical condition such as Crohn’s disease, anemia, or an extensive history of other surgeries.
  4. Any person who takes anti-inflammatory medications because of the fact that they need to be avoided after a gastric bypass procedure. This is not the case with a sleeve gastrectomy, however.

This type of procedure can also be a very good idea for anyone who is currently experiencing an issue with their lap band or those who have previously lost quite a bit of weight and do not need to get a full bypass procedure performed. Weight loss with the sleeve tends to be faster and produces results within a very short period of time when it is performed on the person.

What advantages does gastric sleeve surgery have?

  1. No intestines have to be “rerouted” or connected/disconnected in this procedure.
  2. There is a minimum of complications and side-effects, such as anemia, protein deficiency, and osteoporosis which can be a problem with other common weight loss procedures.
  3. This procedure is the only one that is able to remove the hormone which drives hunger and leads to weight gain.
  4. It is much simpler than gastric bypass in terms of how it is performed.
  5. No foreign objects are required to be put in your body in this procedure.
  6. No adjustments or “fill-ups” are required.
  7. Your pylorus will be preserved with this procedure.
  8. Those who have a body mass index or BMI of 60+ will find that it is very safe.

Patients with Lap Band complications

Those who have a lap band and have experienced multiple complications will certainly want to think about opting for this type of procedure. Some of the most common problems from a lap band include erosion of the band, slippage, and reflux. By having a gastric sleeve procedure performed and having the band removed, you will be able to avoid all of these uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous side-effects/issues which are so common with those who have the band. A lot of people are concerned about gaining all of their weight back after getting the band put in, but this is not problem with the sleeve procedure.

A gastric sleeve will allow those who get it to maintain their current weight and also lose more weight so they do not become heavier.

This procedure is considered to be one of the safest and most effective with regards to weight loss and weight gain prevention.